Thursday, 26 July 2007

High dynamic range photography

You tend to run into interesting stuff in a busy library.

This is an example of high dynamic range photography. It's a technique for creating composite images to capture a wider range of exposure information than conventional photography. Being completely ignorant of the technicalities of taking photos, I had no idea why photographs never looked the way I saw the landscape.

I'd always thought wistfully that it was impossible to actually show the true washed-out white and blue beauty of the Wellington Harbour as seen from Mount Victoria on a clear winter morning. Now I know that one reason why I haven't seen this done is because our eyes capture far more information than can be captured by a camera.

See here on Flickr for far more examples of HDR photography.

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grendelkhan said...

If you have a camera that you can manually set the exposure on (so that you can take under- and over-exposed shots), as well as a tripod or just a place to rest the camera, you can make your own HDR images. Depending on how dorky you feel, pfstools may be helpful, or some of the links on that site might be.