Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Again with the national stereotypes

Wonderful. I am now dealing with an article in a major paper about...

...sheep bums.

Ovine derrieres. The bits they can't wipe. The asses of the wooly creatures.

This is a serious article, folks. Apparently the bo hipi breed will avoid any animal rights complaints about "mulesing", or snipping skin around sheep posteriors. Heavy stuff. Worth doing a two-third page article on.

Who am I kidding? The only person more pathetic than me for wasting my time on this is Dr David Scobie, who describes himself as a "sheep bum scientist". What sort of a sick pervert goes into science so he can focus his efforts on appreciating the beauty of sheep anuses?

Oh, BTW - he's Australian...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Thursday, 12 June 2008

That's it, the world has officially ended

Noted in the paper - John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, now wears bifocals. And why not - he's 52.

The scary thing about writing this is that some who might read it will say "Johnny Who?".

Monday, 9 June 2008

International comparisons of petrol prices

Taken from the NZ Herald, $NZ/litre, presumably post-tax/subsidy pump prices:

Most expensive:

1, Sierra Leone, $6.24
2, Turkey, $3.43
3, Norway, $3.29
4, Eritrea, $3.24
5, Netherlands, $3.03
6, Finland, $3.00
Germany, $3.00
Portugal, $3.00
7, Italy, $2.98
8, UK, $2.89
9, Belgium, $2.86
10. Monaco, $2.81

New Zealand, $2.00
Australia, $1.75
United States, $1.33

Least expensive

10, Egypt, $0.41
9, Bahrain, $0.34
8, Qatar, $0.28
7, Kuwait, $0.26
6, Swaziland, $0.18
5, Libya, $0.17
4, Saudi Arabia, $0.15
3, Iran, $0.14
2, Turkmenistan, $0.10
1, Venezeula, $0.06

Women, spiteful and vengeful

The good news is that I got accepted for sponsorship to a library seminar.

That bad news is that it's the Annoying PA who gets to handle my travel and accommodation.

To quote:

APA: Hmm .. this is my time for revenge I guess
APA: let see, where I am going to place you
APA: 8-)

So some time this month, I expect to be travelling via dogsled and staying in the same room as the huskies.

I think it was the *not* looking while she was walking around wearing a towel which annoyed her...