Sunday, 27 January 2008

Captures the problem with democracy precisely...

From a comment by "glendoor42" here:

This country has been run by special interest groups and Big Business since LBJ took over as President. They were slicker about it then, but now they don’t even care what the American people think. If they did do you think we would have 3.00 dollar a gallon gas prices?

They trot out the same cookie cutter candidates year after year. Candidates who say such brilliant things that no one in their right mind could argue with, like education is good, terrorism is bad, I love America, jobs are good, I will protect America, I want a clean environment, America is great is, old people need help, I like puppies and end it with the all time favorite, Let’s make a better world for our children. Now who the fuck will argue with all that!

Then they run practically the same campaign ad year after year. (Until they start saying that their opponent is the Anti-Christ, Why? he/she has just said the same bullshit you have)This ad is going to feature at some point the candidate in front of nondescript church, speaking to a veterans group who’s cumulative age is 3528, the candidate in a hard hat at a construction site, talking to a classroom of kids and this ad usually ends with them standing in some set made up to look like the lawyer ads you see at three in the morning, with their wife and kids. This end shot proves that a. they have found a woman/man stupid enough to marry them and b. the kids prove that they ain’t shooting blanks.

Or worse than these jackass or elephants whatever the case may be, is the Ronco candidate. The miracle man, they usually pander to a large enough electorate to really be in the running. Their message usually consists of breaking down the mess that is 60 years of this countries problem into a single simple fix that will cost the American people nothing. It’s so simple they will say, why hasn’t anyone done this before, I just don’t understand why. Elect me and I will fix everything and you, the America people won’t have to do a goddamn thing, free cake and pie for all. BUUULLL- SHHHIIIITTT.

But when someone comes along and says even the smallest piece of the truth like this country is messed up( it is ) and it’s going to take a lot of work and personal sacrifice, on everyone’s part to make it right( it is and it will) this candidate is usually painted as a kook.

The problem is not the asshole politicians, special interest groups or big business, the problem is us. We have allowed this situation to exist, we don’t vote or if we do it’s for the same assholes over and over, we don’t want to hear the truth that it is going to take work to fix this country that it’s going to take our time, our sacrifice and our initiative to make this country right for all Americans. This country is so badly in need of third party and I would start one but I have to go finish playing The Witcher.

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