Thursday, 25 September 2008

A brief note on the etiquette of anal penetration

Imagine, on some long Saturday evening, you are relaxing and watching television when your lover/partner/spouse walks into the room. They stand in front of you, blocking American Idol or whatever the hell you watch on a Saturday night, and proceed to pull a long plastic glove onto their right arm, and make a fist.

Then they bring out the KY, and start slathering it all over the glove. You can't help but noticing, in a rather horrified fashion, that they've made sure to lubricate it well over half way to the elbow.

Then they tell you to stand up, drop your pants, bend over, and grasp your ankles firmly.

There are two important things to note at this point:

i, You have a perfectly good right to ask "Why?" AND
ii, "There's not enough time to explain" is NOT a good enough reply.


Dana said...

Phoe, perhaps this posting of yours means that this posting of mine has come too late. :)

Monkay said...

In the context of a Star Trek spinoff, there could be a very good reason for this; other than that, not so much.

I LOVE YOU said...
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