Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cold wind blowing

From Chris Hedges, the sound of bells.

I especially note the US asking to sit in as observers - and the SCO saying "no". A while back, the wingnuts were freaking out about a New World Currency. They should have been worried about the old ones.

The NZ free trade agreement with China is looking wiser and wiser.

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Anonymous said...

This scenario worries me greatly, Phoenician, because it rings that true.

The other side might argue that a rapid dollar demise would be so disruptive globally that the external (to the US) powers that be would not allow it, preferring it to happen gradually if at all.

The other question is whether the US would respond by taking an aggressive military operation in order to take over a country deemed of extreme strategic importance, like Brazil and Venezuela. One has to think that any threat to the dollar would be defended to the end by powerful right wingers who would begin by engineering a coup against Obama & Co., with the national threat as cover for such an action. This would become a matter of survival for the US.

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