Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Devil opened up his case and he said "I'll start this show"...

With more than a decade on the Internet, I've never had a blog. This places me behind approximately 90% of the Western World, 25% of the rest of the human species, 400 miscellaneous artifical intelligence projects, a couple of dozen animals, and one entity that may or may not be a rather advanced slime mold with a connection routed through an abandoned server in Prypiat. And the slime mold has been linked to by Glenn Reynolds.

Since I've spent so much time annoying various members of the liberal community by clogging up their comments pages and hijacking their carefully crafted discussions, I thought it only fair to give them the chance to do the same. I've moved into a new place, with a better connection, so I have a chance to get a post off two or three times a week - assuming I ever have anything to say. This is likely to be a work in process for a few weeks to come, and you may expect the layout and details to change.

The layout is not crude and hackneyed - it is classic minimalism. That's my story, and I intend to stick with it until I figure out how this works. And then we'll bring in the dancing bear gifs and the extensive clown porn collection.

And as for me - well, there's not much to say about me and that's the way I like to keep it.


Tehanu said...

I've been reading your comments on various blogs for a while so I clicked over. Have now bookmarked your blog and will be interested to read more.

Chester N. Scoville said...

Hey, Phonecian! Good to see you've got a blog of your own at last. Back when I was known as the Green Knight, I used to value your feedback whenever it came. I'll be visiting often.