Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Dykes to look out for

So the very first real post will be... a plea for money! But not for me.

Ruth Lewis is a fine woman and librarian with an extremely caustic sense of humour. She is also, alas, gay, unaccountably forgoing the pleasures of the muscular half of the human species simply because she's already found her partner among the better smelling half. There's no accounting for taste.

In the pursuit of stereotypes, we have found this worthy cause being touted around certain parts of the New Zealand library community. If you think you might like to put a bit in towards children's cancer research, feel free to visit. Or not - I'm sure there are charities closer to home as well which could use the support.

Myself, I've lost a good friend, one of the few, and two other friends to cancer. Cancer research and the local hospice are two charities I try to support from what few funds I tend to have left these days.

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Ruth Lewis said...

Thanks for that , Tony, just found it via Personas
How are you anyway?