Friday, 4 May 2007

Rarer than diamonds, and more colourful.

I hadn't realised this, but it appears that New Zealand has a claim to fame in the minerological world. The Westland is the only place in the world where you can find Goodletite, a combination of ruby, sapphire and tourmaline crystals in a fuchsite matrix. It's the only precious stone found in New Zealand (I'm wearing pounamu myself - greenstone or nephrite jade - for personal reasons, but that's classified as semi-precious).

There's a story in a magazine here about it being marketed as "Ruby Rock", and they note that its singular location makes it considerably rarer than diamond - "a million times more unique than Opal" in enthusiastic if incorrect prose.

There's an opportunity here for those who value the unusual to steal a march on people who look to other stones first and foremost, and to do it before demand drives the price of the gem up...


bekitty said...

It could be argued that many things are rarer than diamond. The De Beers corporation has been consistently storing away diamonds for years, in a effort to keep prices up. The only reason diamonds have become popular in the public consciousness is because of their ad campaign in the 50s - "If you really love her, buy her a diamond".

Chuckles said...

Ditto that. Same goes for blue and red diamonds. Most deBeers stuff is white with a slight hint of yellow for sparkle. I say just get her/him something that looks good and means something to the two of you.