Monday, 12 May 2008

The Left may not be crazy; it just smells an awful lot like it these days...

Via Julian Sanchez a report on a professor looking at suing her students for asking too many questions.

I've forwarded this to a certain professor in rhetoric. Her reaction ought to be amusing.

Now, I've just found out that the daughter of a friend has just been accepted early into Vic. She intends to be a hard engineer, and will likely end up doing an Applied Science degree. She's been accepted into a B.A. programme to start with. I'll probably be going through the course handbook with her to make suggestions on what she'd want to do for the first year.

I'll print out this story for her and suggest she steer clear of anything involving literary criticism. She'll probably wind up voting ACT, God help us, but at least she'll keep her sanity.

UPDATE: The rhetoric professor notes:

I read about this on FARK. She isn't a prof, but a lecturer. Her book has been out for over a year, which is lots of time for reviews, and she's taken a post-doc. That means she's not done well on the job market. So, she's having trouble finding a good job--not a surprise. Her book is with Peter Lang, which is not a very prestigious scholarly press. Both of those facts are indications that the system is, in fact, working, and she's headed down the academic ladder. She'll end up grading standardized tests.

She's also a little tin pot tyrant.

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