Thursday, 22 May 2008

More demands on me from uppity females

I have just been handed a To Do list from an eleven year old, who will be known as K.M. - it reads:

- Grow some hair on the top of your head
- Comb your hair
- Give K.M. (the innocent child) lots of chocolate
- Buy K.M. expensive presents on her birthday and Christmas
- Give K.M. chocolate eggs on Easter
- Consider a job with more pay and no annoying children
- Realise how much children love you
- Learn to smile nicely

Wonderful - now eleven year olds are telling me what to do. Clearly, this child's parents have failed to beat her enough. I will be forced to do so on their behalf.

Addenda: And now the extremely annoying P.A. is requiring me to hang around with her shopping until her boyfriend can pick her up. To quote:

Annoying PA: You sucks
Harassed PiaToR: Shuddup
Annoying PA: I love harrassing you

That's it - I'm joining a Trappist brotherhood. Do they accept agnostics?


Anonymous said...

What are you complaining about? They both said that they (platonically) loved you ... all you have to do is Obey.
If you want unconditional love you need to find Bridget Jones's Mr Darcy ... Mmmm Darcy.

Seeya, Spikee

Phoenician in a Time of Romans said...

I don't mind conditional love - it's being restricted to the platonic variety that's pissing me off.

As *YOU* should know...