Friday, 8 May 2009

Women to avoid - psychics

Even the sexy, intelligent ones.

Me: "I saw a singer last night that made me run in circles and howl."

S.I.P.: "Hmmm, which singer would appeal? ... Some anonymous red-haired YouTube floozy falling out of her top?"

Me: "How the f**k did you do that?"

(About 1.00 minute in, the singer doing the chorus)

Man, if it were not for her... considerable charms... I'd be terrified of this woman.


Anonymous said...

So did this well-endowed singer *actually* fall out of her top??
Alas my work computer is not YouTube friendly.

And is running around in circles and howling a *good* thing?
If your feral nature was tapped into, surely attempting to lick your genitals would have been more pleasurable?

Yours, I-have-no-idea-why-you-call-me-Spikey-but-am-glad-that-I-scare-you :-)

Anonymous said...

Like in buffy tvs?

Phoenician in a Time of Romans said...

No, as in Terry Pratchett. I've been teasing her about the similarity in personality for a while...

Of course, if I said what I really thought she was like, she'd die of embarrassment.