Saturday, 1 August 2009

Close to the edge

The week has been lousy, and I'm in despair. There's little left. I need some good news soon, please?


2009 (Bill Direen)

We have gone from the ages
Of coal and aluminium
To the slamming of doors in faces.
Faith healers buy their own channels
As landsnatchers grab handfuls of dirt
And puritanical doctors preach:
Look to your body!
All crimes against it
Will be punished!

Our bands have abandoned revolt,
Our cults have rewritten Revelations,
And it was a hasty affair
- the firesale revolution.

The chasm’s getting wider,
And there’s no safety net.


Thomas Tallis said...

man I haven't seen bill since '96! are you guys pals?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Was that a Yes reference?

Anonymous said...
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