Saturday, 15 August 2009

On failing to listen...

... and making assumptions

I actually know, um, two people like that.


Perry said...

"I actually know, um, two people like that."

Like whom, JD or Em?

I can't imagine JD being incommunicado with his alleged soul mate for more than a day, two at the most, let alone two weeks. On the other hand, shouldn't she have assumed that there must be some problem with his phone?

The events demonstrate that the relationship was not what either party assumed it to be.

'Tis a sad story about human frailty!

Ms. Kate said...

Wow, that was really...funny? Sad?

Em needs to stay away from the alcohol, I'm thinking.

Oh, P in a Time of R, I have been enjoying your comments on all the same blogs I read for a while.

Since I was languishing in Lubbock, Texas. Had been in Texas all my life. Had hated it there all my life.

Now, guess what?

I live in Hamilton!!

Phoenician in a Time of Romans said...

I live in Hamilton!!

Oh, I *am* sorry. I recommend alcohol, and in large quantities.

I remember passing through Hamilton - really fast...

Ms. Kate said...

Heeeyyyy, I love Hamilton!

It's the large quantities of alcohol, mixed with the clueless teenagers, that are a problem.

Believe me, Hamilton is TONS and HEAPS better than Lubbock, Texas. To wit:,-now-Judge-Tom-Head

That just a taste. Hamilton rocks. The wind in Wellie gives me flashbacks of Lubbock and if I am there for over three days my PTSD kicks in...

Anonymous said...
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