Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Scene from Oriental Bay today

It's spring. If you've never been to Wellington, Oriental Bay is a main promenade along a bathing beach - it soaks in the sun for most of the day and is a favourite spot for Wellingtonians during the few days with tolerable weather.

This is one of those days. It's warm as spring starts finally breaking in. There's a breeze from the ocean, and the sky is a deep blue with the sun coming through well. I'm getting the walking in after work, and enjoying the day. Work is on a roll, my health is on a roll, everything is pretty good.

There's a young couple kissing on a bench overloking the bay. He's kissing her neck, and she's laid her head on his shoulder, with her eyes closed.

She looks almost exactly like a girl I was in love with back in college.

There's no way to express the look on her face. Incredible tenderness mixed with contentment. At that moment, I think, she was feeling what we all know we live for and want. If I was an artist, I could spend a decade trying to capture it.

I don't think I've ever felt that way.

And the Beth Orton swells up in the headphones:

"If I lose you, could you find me,
or would you walk right by me?
The soul and the spirit
Each have got their own limit.

And I can't waste another second,
Living in hell like it's some kind of heaven..."

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