Monday, 30 April 2007

Apparently, it was a *very* happy meal

Condom find makes for an unhappy meal (Waikato Times, 26 Apr 2007)

It's called a happy meal. But the grandparents of a Wellington girl are less than pleased that the toy which came with her McDonald's meal was a condom.

Seven year old Maia Whitaker's grandparents, Suzanne and Rowan Hatch, went to the fast food chain's Courtenay Central outlet on Tuesday night.

Mr Hatch said fortunately his wife was first to look in the small sports bag that came with the meal and was aghast to find the green Durex condom and packet.

[Elided - horrified puffing, McDonalds apologies, inquiry launched]

You know, I've *always* been a bit dubious about their "special sauce"...

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