Saturday, 7 April 2007

On the unfortunate obsessiveness of selective bibliophilia

Damn. I've bought and lost three copies of this book already, and it's almost impossible to find. I keep pressing it on people and never getting it back. I think my last copy may be with a certain Goth [friend] of mine, but the problem is he probably needs it more than me.

I just found a fourth copy sitting in a local second hand bookstore. So I got them to put it aside for me while I desperately try to chase down the Goth and figure out if it's in the two or three shelves of books he has of mine.

But if not, I'm going to buy it - again. And will continue to buy it in order to have it on the shelf. If you have not read it yet - do so. And if you don't like it, feel free to bite me, because you're a barbarian ignorant of the literary heritage of mankind.

1 comment:

bekitty said...

I think the Invisible Pink Unicorn enraptured them, along with my copy.
It's been missing for a couple of years now.