Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Say, has anyone told the Libertarians about this?

Noted recently - a new island has appeared near Tonga.

The New Zealand Geographic reports that as yet no-one has claimed it - King George V of Tonga has more important things on his mind what with riots in Nuku'alofa and all.

So... what we have is an unclaimed island just screaming for the worshippers of Galt's Gulch to show up and establish the Objectivist Paradise On Earth they keep claiming they can build, if only those nasty States would get out of their way.

Bags me the TV rights. My prediction is that a colony of Libertarians will be eating each other, literally, within a year. It'll be better than Survivor.

UPDATE: How foolish of me to forget the classics...


D. Sidhe said...

"Lord of the Flies" with decent shoes, perhaps.

Dana said...

Perhaps Pam Spaulding and Amanda Marcotte and our friends from Pandagon can take over the island and create their non-misogynist paradise, to set an example for the rest of us.

The Evil European said...

Stick all the Libertarians on an island.....we should be so lucky. I am sure many would elect to stay behind and 'educate' the rest of us poor sapes (ie bitch, moan and insult) instead of creating their utopa.
Would make a great TV show though.

bekitty said...

Wasn't everybody looking for a place for those wingnuts from Christian Exodus to bugger off to?

An active volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sounds great! They should get right to it!